Camp Wamava is a Christian Camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

Camp WaMaVa's Bullying Policy

Bullying behavior is when someone or a group uses power to get their way at the expense of someone else. This can happen socially (teasing, excluding, gossiping) or physically (hitting, kicking, hurting). Bullying behavior cannot be tolerated at WaMaVa. The camper experience is tainted and perhaps unrecoverable if a camper feels unsafe. Our philosophy on bully prevention is based on our mission statement; providing a safe environment where a camper is appreciated, enjoys play, makes friends, and grows closer to God. We as a staff seek to proactively and consistently create an environment for the best possible experience each camper deserves.

Below is our policy/staff responsibilities:

If bullying behavior is witnessed by staff

• Immediately intervene and separate…never ignore it
• Calmly address those involved separately and out of the direct attention of other campers
• Report incident at the next staff meeting so other staff can monitor the situation
• Follow up throughout the week with all parties involved…praise improvements you see

Responsibilities to the Victim

• Support those who were bullied
• Develop strategies to address the problem should it reoccur
• Encourage them to seek help from an adult
• Remind them the Mess Hall is a safety zone where they can immediately report an issue
• Assure them that it’s not their fault they were bullied
• Pray with the camper

Responsibilities to the Bully

• Communicate the bullying behavior witnessed and why it’s unacceptable
• Explain effect of their bullying on others and themselves
• Encourage to seek help from an adult when tempted to act out inappropriately
• Pray with the camper

If bullying behavior is repeated or first-time event is deemed severe

• Issue is escalated to camp director for appropriate course of action
• Parents will be notified (both bully and victim)
• Parents will have a chance to talk with their child
• A camper may be sent home depending on severity or continued undesired behavior

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