Camp Wamava is a Christian Camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

Camp WaMaVa's No Cell Phone Policy

We do not permit campers to use cell phones at camp.

Firstly, cell phones are a tool. They are not inherently bad. This policy has nothing to do with your child's responsible use of a cell phone.

Also, campers are under constant supervision, all staff are trained in First Aid/CPR and bullying, and we will notify you in the event of any emergency. Your child does not need a cell phone to be safe at camp. They will still be able to contact you via landline if the need arises..

The primary reason for our policy is to build community with each other and God.

  • In a moment of stillness, is it more likely for someone to wander into another conversation or to pull out a phone?
  • When settling down for bedtime, is it more likely for someone to reflect on his/her day or put in headphones and fall asleep to music?
  • Do people take more time to virtually document an experience on social media than actually experiencing it?
  • If we added up all our screen time in a typical week and instead filled it with nature, conversation, faces, reflection, prayer, and tangible experiences...would we appreciate the difference?

There's nothing "wrong" with using cell phones in any of the scenarios above, but we believe there is a missed opportunity. Part of WaMaVa's mission is to forge lifelong friendships and strengthen a relationship with God. In what we've observed, we often fill our down time with things that narrow our senses (watching TV, checking the internet, texting folks, etc.). At camp, God gives us an environment free of distractions to observe Him more fully. Let's honor this gift God has provided us by intentionally interacting with His Creation...not just what He created in nature, but what He created in each one of us.

We realize there are other devices besides cell phones that can interfere with our mission. Suffice to say, any device that plays music or communicates via WiFi is not permitted for use at camp. We ask for your support in explaining and respecting this policy for our kids.

We greatly look forward to serving your kids at WaMaVa. Please pray that we maximize every opportunity God gives us!

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